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Chairman's Message about Wasasa





Today Wasasa got its website which would help us to convey our messages to our stakeholders and the larger public. This is exactly 12 years to the date after Wasasa obtained its license. 12 years ago Wasasa was only an idea on paper. It did not have assets, manpower and clients. The founders had, however, the will and determination to alleviate poverty. That will and determination arose from the love and passion they had for the unprivileged sector of the society. It is a great pleasure for those of us who were involved in the affairs of Wasasa from the beginning to witness where it is today and what it has achieved.


Wasasa has made stride not only in the number of rural and semi-urban active poor which it has accessed but also in the expertise and professionalism that it has institutionalized in managing its activities.


Credit goes to the management and employees of Wasasa for helping our unprivileged compatriots to feed their family, to educate their children and to alleviate their livelihood burden.


Wasasa has a clear vision, mission, values and goals. The website has captured the important issues in brief and in a frank manner. This information would help the concerned to reassess their roles on how they can work with Wasasa to ultimately address the targets. The site will help to communicate Wasasa’s intention.


Looking at the distance that Wasasa has covered there is every reason for optimism in the future. The Website itself is an important tool. The stakeholders can now easily communicate Wasasa to the interested.


Using the last 12 years invaluable experience as a spring board and this site as a binocular the future achievements of Wasasa will be even more rewarding to all the stakeholders including clients, donors, staff, management and all other supporters.


I hope that the website would help to attract the likeminded so that Wasasa will reach greater heights in all areas of its endeavors. I congratulate the staff and management of Wasasa for work well done and wish it that the website will help in more achievements of its missions, goals and objectives.


Former Board Chairman, Bekele Wolde

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