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About Us


Wasasa Microfinance S.C. was established by Oromo Self-Reliance Association (OSRA), a local NGO and got a Microfinancing Business License No. MFI/017/2000 from National Bank of Ethiopia on September 20, 2000.

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The mission of Wasasa MFI is to provide sustainable financial services to the active poor in order to employ capital for poverty alleviation.


The vision of Wasasa MFI is to make money/capital no more a constraint for the poor.


Transparency and accountability for major stakeholders
Continuous improvement in client services and operational processes.
Encourage employee growth and accomplishment.
Excel in efficiency and effectiveness among the MFIs in Ethiopia.
Sustainable growth and profitability.
Provide an enabling environment for leadership quality
Passion for poverty alleviation.
Commitment to gender balance at all levels (Board, staff and clients).
Prudent financial services to the clients.
Dedication and loyalty to the client.


Poverty-focus and positive impact on client.
Performance and outcome oriented.
Product Innovation.
Shared purpose of poverty alleviation among staff.
Client driven.


Improving household level food security by increasing household income;
Increasing the productivity of land by lending for investments on better technology and purchasing of agricultural inputs on time;
Increasing the bargaining power of the community by creating the potential to sell their produces when they get good market for them;
Assisting employment creation and encouraging entrepreneurship at micro and small scale;
Creating alternative employment opportunities on off-farm income generating activities. This would help to relieve pressure on land;


Provide credit in cash or kind to peasant farmers, women, youth and associations or cooperatives engaged in small and micro enterprise activity.
Accept savings and deposits including time deposit.
Perform transfer of payments within Ethiopia.
Purchase financial instruments like treasure bills to generate income.
Acquire, maintain and transfer moveable and immovable property including residential premises for carrying out its business.
Provide counseling services to clients.
Encourage income generating projects for urban and rural small scale or micro operators.
Render managerial, marketing, technical and administrative advice to borrowers and assist them in obtaining services in those fields.
Stimulate domestic savings;
Engage in other activities related to its objectives and are customarily undertaken by micro financing institutions.

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